20 June 2010

Win this Art piece!

Hello readers of this blog!

I am lightening my art load with this free giveaway!

This is a warrior collage on an old silkscreen with photographs, paint, collage, matchsticks, etc. 11x14"

To enter!

1. Follow my blog
2. Write a comment saying you want to win it
3. I will randomly select a person from the comment list and notify the winner on Thursday June 24!!!!!

If you win I will contact you and find out how to give it to you!

Art is for having and loving!

Thanks for supporting art!

love, Amanda


  1. I definitely want to hang your art on my wall are you kidding? All your work is soooo beautiful!!! I have the perfect wall for it <3

  2. Yes.....I would very much love to have this piece.....thanks.....Ken Winker, 933-3903 and kenwiner@hotmail.com

  3. I want to win this art piece. Why? Because I have seen and admired this work in your gallery, Strange Circus, where I believe it is currently hanging in the upper left corner of the wall. It is a great mix of mediums which says a lot about the artist in your pursuit of art. Thank you very much....

  4. i already follow your blog, but i wanna win it!

  5. Drawing from a hat, I randomly chose Shannon!

    Congrats Shannon on your new warrior collage!

  6. YEAH! I never win anything! that's so awesome! I can't wait for it to be hanging in my house! Thanks, lady!