25 March 2010

I have been interviewed!


please follow the link to read an interview I did with an Australian art blog!

23 March 2010

Protected/ Defeated 2010

what is remembered lives

you wild woman. you taught me to be wild, to enjoy life, to cook from scratch and to eyeball measurements well, to dress in my own style, to enjoy fashion, that its okay to make mistakes, that we are only human. hope you are dancing in heaven. i love you.

10 March 2010


A Priestess Buried at the Sea. Oil on found canvas. 2010

Embodying Lilith, an Homage. Oil on found canvas. 2010

01 March 2010

Group Show Friday March 5

For this show, I will be making something completely new and different. Inspired by painting but in three dimentions. If you are in Tallahassee, come out to the BBC in railroad square for a look this friday 6-9 pm.