30 November 2010

she wolf performance in tallahassee

I'll be in the working method contemporary in railroad square this first friday December 3, 2010. She wolf is creating a lair in the gallery setting. come see how it feels to slow down.

a few new things on my etsy

take a look!

18 November 2010

New! Headed to Seattle, WA

Heads Up Seattle! New Elliott Elephant coming your way!

15 November 2010

Green Eyed Monster

I just love Green Eyed Monster (greeneyed.com) I subscribe to their blog and the lovely ladies that are in charge post new DIY artists every week day! Not only do they always have some great crafter to showcase but most of the time, there is a free giveaway from the crafter of the day. Check out their site for amazing eco friendly and do it yourself holiday gifts. And subscribe to their blog for a chance to win free goodies up to 5 times a week! Rad!
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11 November 2010

Ornaments on Etsy

Here are some ornaments I made for your DIY decoration fun! Check out my etsy site to purchase a set of four for only $12. The column to the left of the blog has a link.

09 November 2010

New inventory to Textures in Tallahassee!

New to Textures November 10!
Recycled ornaments for the holidays. Just attach a ornament hook around the button and decorate DIY style. Plus some cute warm recycled designs for the cozy gals.

Return of the Mother Installation

I made an installation at the Working Method Contemporary. What do you think?

08 November 2010

making process: seeds


My last project was inspired by pomegranate seeds. I wanted to make multiples for an installation piece. I made 2 sided seeds that were printed, dyed, sewn, stuffed, and ready to hang. The process was long and I learned a lot! Here's how they are made. I will post photos of the actual installation next.

this is how the seeds start. I cut muslin rectangles the size of a silk screen and then I screen printed each sheet with the darker red ink. After they dried overnight, I mixed up some dye and hand dyed each sheet. I threw them right in the dryer and now my dryer is pink!

here are piles of seeds that are being paired together and about to be trimmed nicely.

here is a shot of my work table. on the bottom are the seeds that have been sewn around, then above are lots of stuffed seeds ready for their bottoms to be sewn shut!

I stuffed each one with fallen leaves collected from my neighborhood streets, rice for weight, and scrap fabric from cutting out the seeds.

a bag full of seeds ready to take to the gallery for installation!

02 November 2010

First Friday! November 5 Tallahassee

really excited about my new installation which I am currently still piecing together. See you there Tallahassee!