23 March 2011

Remember Performance at SMALLS

This past Saturday I performed at SMALLS in Tallahassee, Fl. Remember was a piece to honor and reflect on the act of remembrance. I had many spools of thread at a table covered with white paper. I tied many threads onto all of my fingers occasionally writing down what they symbolized. Audience members were invited to sit across from me and have a thread tied onto one of their fingers and write down their remembrance. It was quite a beautiful interactive experience. My memory is already improving.
All photos by Christina Poindexter and Tyler Dearing

09 March 2011


above photo of the artists by sawtooth triangle

above sculpture by Jourdan Joly

Images of the Panoffering installation at Tiny Tribe in Tallahassee's railroad square. Colleen Matthes and I painted the mural and the fabric and created the installation and altar areas with the exception of Jourdan Joly's sculpture.

02 March 2011

First Friday March Tallahassee

come out come out wherever you are. an offering to pan.