14 July 2010

new painting!

This painting is a commissioned portrait. It is 33 x 40 inches. Oil on recycled canvas. This commission was my dream commission. I was able to photograph the source image and I was given free range apart from painting a portrait. So I consider this a part of my body of work even though it was commissioned! yay!

10 July 2010

Chant Spectacular at the Big Bend Contemporary

I had so much fun this past first friday. Lots of people came into the Big Bend Contemporary Gallery for Chant Spectacular!
I received a lot of great feedback and it was great to see all of my brand new work up on display! All of the pieces were made within the last two months. Thank GOd for summer vacation!

Strawberry Girl (homage to past self for coming full circle)
Past self portrait
oil on found door
6' tall with wheels
for sale (full painting view coming soon)

Installation view including found wood painted and wrapped in string and fabric.
Bundle of sticks SOLD

New painting (title and better image soon)
Oil on found door
6' long with wheels
for sale

Installation view with wrapped bushel of flowers that were trimmed off a bush and left by the side of the road for me to wrap up!

India Ink drawing with frame

Ballpoint pen drawing with frame

Chant Spectacular 1
Oil on found surface

06 July 2010

art review


My artwork has been honestly reviewed and I love honesty!