22 December 2009


17 November 2009

added a bit more to this shell lady above

self portrait with long hair and accordian above

lovers (not done yet)
Well I am almost done with the first semester back in school and it is pretty different from the real world. But it's pretty much a luxury to worry about nothing but art for three years. If you hear me complaining, feel free to smack me.

better photos of work coming soon!

27 September 2009

best painting yet as far as technical skill goes!
I just wrapped up my 5th week in grad school and it is really amazing. I feel inspired and busy and my life has to do more with art than it ever has before. What a great opportunity!
I have tons of new paintings in the works and I am also trying my hand at ceramics! So there will be posts of that stuff soon.

08 September 2009

15 July 2009

Alex Fogt at my gallery in Tallahassee, Florida. tell your friends! And read his blog www.alexfogt.blogspot.com

07 July 2009

this man is amazing

Jaret Ferratusco
corpse on pumpkin
read his blog, support his art.

06 July 2009

i currently have 11 paintings hanging at Opposable Thumb in Portland, Oregon. It is on the SE side on Belmont between Laughing Planet and Saint Cupcake. oh, and they have gelato.

The show is up until July 30 and the paintings are really well priced so go buy you some beautiful lady paintings and enjoy!

22 May 2009

I feel really young lately. I feel free and energetic and light hearted. I spent so much time being serious that I never want to go back.

21 May 2009

i love art so much i don't care if i don't sleep enough.

i alter clothes www.elliottelephant.etsy.com

23 February 2009

A Breezy Day for Love

Miss Who! I am in the land of Miss Who in my head lots of the day. She dances and twirls, floats, hops, creates rainbows, adventures, and plays. She always dresses in the most amazing outfits. She is my inner child.

24 January 2009

trying out the new digs

I am drawn to blogs for the way a person's unique spirit comes through the words and photos given to the guests.

This blog is an offering of art and inspiration to whomever it attracts.