24 April 2011

CCYS Mural

This past month I worked with Capitol City Youth Services to improve their newly renovated children's shelter. I was assigned a girl's room and I had such a great time supporting a great cause!
all photos by Aaron Rourke!

20 April 2011


A group of artists and I performed many fluxus pieces at last Saturday's Art For Dinner to celebrate 621 Gallery's 30th anniversary. Here are some shots from the fluxus ans well as my "remember" piece that were ordered by the 11 tables filled.

performance at the capitol

Last week my ladies and I came together and protested for the Uteri! I was Uncle sam with Lady liberty bound and gagged on a leash. Four others were in chastity belts with gags and hands bound pleading with lady liberty to help them free. Silent protest/ silent performance at the capitol in tallahassee, fl during a planned parenthood rally.