09 December 2011

baby belly

Things are a changing for me lately. Transitioning from a stay up all night and make art and drink beer lady to take care of myself and actually eat three meals a day and prepare for motherhood lady is a pretty big deal. I love being pregnant. I am excited about this new part of life.

16 October 2011

hair ropes

I've been spending a lot of time making ropes with human hair and thread

28 September 2011

New work


here is a link to my new stop motion performance video.
many thanks to Cody Diefenthaler for all of his help!

28 July 2011

etsy 7-28

new leather necklaces on etsy.

28 June 2011

new painting almost done!

this painting is for a special project that I will tell about soon!

17 May 2011

What elliott e. is up to...

I am finally sewing again! It's simple design but it's getting me going after a long year of grad school. Some is going to Reconstructed Clothing Co. in Seattle. The men's shirts are either going to Textures Handmade Market or on my etsy shop. The gold top is sooooo mine!

24 April 2011

CCYS Mural

This past month I worked with Capitol City Youth Services to improve their newly renovated children's shelter. I was assigned a girl's room and I had such a great time supporting a great cause!
all photos by Aaron Rourke!

20 April 2011


A group of artists and I performed many fluxus pieces at last Saturday's Art For Dinner to celebrate 621 Gallery's 30th anniversary. Here are some shots from the fluxus ans well as my "remember" piece that were ordered by the 11 tables filled.

performance at the capitol

Last week my ladies and I came together and protested for the Uteri! I was Uncle sam with Lady liberty bound and gagged on a leash. Four others were in chastity belts with gags and hands bound pleading with lady liberty to help them free. Silent protest/ silent performance at the capitol in tallahassee, fl during a planned parenthood rally.

23 March 2011

Remember Performance at SMALLS

This past Saturday I performed at SMALLS in Tallahassee, Fl. Remember was a piece to honor and reflect on the act of remembrance. I had many spools of thread at a table covered with white paper. I tied many threads onto all of my fingers occasionally writing down what they symbolized. Audience members were invited to sit across from me and have a thread tied onto one of their fingers and write down their remembrance. It was quite a beautiful interactive experience. My memory is already improving.
All photos by Christina Poindexter and Tyler Dearing

09 March 2011


above photo of the artists by sawtooth triangle

above sculpture by Jourdan Joly

Images of the Panoffering installation at Tiny Tribe in Tallahassee's railroad square. Colleen Matthes and I painted the mural and the fabric and created the installation and altar areas with the exception of Jourdan Joly's sculpture.

02 March 2011

First Friday March Tallahassee

come out come out wherever you are. an offering to pan.

15 February 2011

new art in the works!

studio shot of my new favorite painting. oil on birch. almost done.

mixed media on found surface. almost done.

about half way done large oil on canvas
feel free to email chantspectacular@gmail.com with any questions about the work!

13 February 2011

tamar mogendorff

I really love this woman's art making.

06 February 2011

Ubu Roi

Yesterday I performed as Daddy Ubu in Ubu Roi with my performance class/ fellow grad students. We decided to update the play to attempt to shock the audience the way Alfred Jarry did back in the late 1800's. Also we shortened it a lot and changed names and locations to better suit our audience. It was amazing. We should go on tour.