15 February 2011

new art in the works!

studio shot of my new favorite painting. oil on birch. almost done.

mixed media on found surface. almost done.

about half way done large oil on canvas
feel free to email chantspectacular@gmail.com with any questions about the work!

13 February 2011

tamar mogendorff

I really love this woman's art making.

06 February 2011

Ubu Roi

Yesterday I performed as Daddy Ubu in Ubu Roi with my performance class/ fellow grad students. We decided to update the play to attempt to shock the audience the way Alfred Jarry did back in the late 1800's. Also we shortened it a lot and changed names and locations to better suit our audience. It was amazing. We should go on tour.

Chinese New Year Mural

Colleen Matthes and I joined forces on this mural for First Friday in Tallahassee at Tiny Tribe. So much fun! The photos above are taken by Sawtooth Triangle. The artists in front of the mural dressed for the year of the rabbit.