24 June 2010

New Fabric Necklaces at the Honeypot!

Hello again Asheville, North Carolina!

I have been so busy making paintings and such in grad school, I had been neglecting my favorite shop to sell my designs, The Honeypot!

I just shipped brand spankin new necklaces to the store located on 86 North Lexington Avenue Asheville, NC 28801.

If you live in Asheville or are passing through for summer, please check out her amazing store filled with local designers, other great DIY designers, handpicked fashions, vintage finds, a great Men's section, shoes, bags, undergarments, art, and more more more!

What a great place to shop!

Thanks Sara for always supporting my designs! I'm so excited to have my wares be nestled by my favorite designers Sew Moe (Moe Donnelly) and Coty Lee! (both sell on etsy too, look for the links in my favorites bar)

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